Digital Marketing

The Value of Quality Content

Writing from the web is unique from other types of writing such as memo’s policy papers or technical writing. You or your coworker may be great writers, but this doesn’t mean you can write the proper way for the internet. Without a person in your company who can write clear and concise marketing copy, but also knows the rules of search engine optimization and how it will affect your content, your efforts can be all for none. This goes back to the old adage, “if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound”? The same goes for your impeccable piece of writing if it can’t be found then read.  

Because the sole purpose of most business websites is to drive sales, your website’s writing has to be oriented towards your customer. In order to write for the customer, you need to think like the customer. What do you want to see when you visit a company’s website? Most people are looking to either find more information about a product or service or learn more about it. While you should still talk about your company, it is important to remember that effective language and format should have everything to do with your customer.

Be a Reliable Resource in Your Industry

The Value of Quality of Photography

On a company website, photos reflect the image of the business. If you just recently updated your show room, you might have taken some pictures on your $100-$200 digital camera. In most cases, unless you have undeniable photography skills, these won’t turn out as quality photos. Don’t make the make the assumption that you can take good photos because you have an expensive camera. If it was about the camera, everyone would be a professional photographer. You don’t necessarily need a lot of photos, just good ones. Six high quality images will always better than thirty amateur photos. There isn’t a business out there that won’t benefit from good photographs.

With NorthView you get the perks of hiring a quality business photographer for a fraction of the price. Our business photography is something we include in our initial website build, providing you with a “one stop shop” and saving you time and money. After all, to build a remarkable website, good photos are a necessity.