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Website Design & Development

Great Design is appealing and Functional

Your website is more than just a good looking layout. Web design should be though of as an ongoing, always changing exchange between a brand and a user. Not a piece of static canvas. The most exceptional web design provokes action and that is where we place our focus.

Persuasive web design is essential to the success of your business. Every formative choice we make brings us closer to communicating your message to your target audience. Our design strengths transcend through a combination of communication, research, usability and clean execution.

We Focus on Local Small to Medium Size Businesses

Brochure Website

Businesses are progressively using their websites to provide information around the clock to existing and potential customers. Their sites become the professional image of the company and are being used as the primary source of background research for prospective clients. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a customer’s perception of a business without a website may have a negative impact.  

An unprofessional and poorly designed website will prove harmful to your business. Not only online, but in real world, regardless of how good your products and services are. Users on the internet make a decision on your company’s credibility within a few seconds of landing on your home page. these perceptions will make or break the consumers purchasing decisions.  

What is WordPress?

WordPress was initially developed as an easy way for a user to create and update a blog. Since that point, WordPress has grown into a user-friendly content management system to maintain your website.

WordPress has an abundance of various plugins, or “add-ons”. All built by a community of operators who continuously contribute and develop new and pioneering solutions. These plugins range in a wide variety to support your website in all of its various functions. Millions of plugins live in WordPress that can be added to your website and expand its capabilities.

NorthView Digital supplies custom built WordPress website solutions to small and medium size business owners. Owners who are in search for a website that communicates their brand and fetches new business. With NorthView you are able to maintain control of your website and day to day procedures. By not having to rely on anyone to update your website, you are able to make changes when you need to without having to pay hourly rates. We will help you along on how to operate your new WordPress website and answer any questions you might have.