Web Design

The Web Design Process

Guiding you through your website build from start to finish.



The first step will be to learn about your business. Understanding your product/services and its selling proposition so that your new website will clearly communicate your business goals. To design your website, your business needs and any other important features all need to be accounted for. We’ll also research your competition and reveal any existing design standards within your industry.


Planning & Content

We’ll have a meeting to go over the timeline and expectations for the new site build. A sitemap will be drawn out to gain a full understanding of what the website structure will look like. This is where we talk about content for your new website and how that will be addressed before beginning the construction of your new website design.



The design phase begins with collecting your brand guidelines (including fonts colors) and imagery. With that and your new website content, we will begin building out the core pages of your website to showcase its layout and functionality. This is when it all starts coming together. we start bringing it all together. Once complete, we review it with you to get your input and make any necessary revisions.


Development & Launch

With core pages and styling decided on, full website development begins. All pages included in the full site map are built out with final content and imagery. Once complete, site-wide quality assurance is performed to button up any imperfections. Now you should be ready to launch! We’ll take care of the technical work to ensure your new website successfully goes live.


Ongoing Support

Once your site goes live, we’re still here to help. We offer Website Management Services that ensure your site stays healthy and up to date. Interested in making website changes yourself? We can help you understand the WordPress CMS with training sessions. If you’re looking to grow your digital presence, we can talk about including SEO and Digital Marketing as a part of your service.

Maine Responsive Web Design

Everyone knows a website is no longer limited to your desktop. If you’re like many of us, you spend a lot of time on your phone and perform a lot of your research that way. Why? because it’s easy and convenient. Mobile responsiveness can no longer be overlooked when building a website – it is now a necessity. Your business must be able to connect to users through every type of device. 

Our Maine responsive web design process figures in mobile responsiveness for every built feature, no matter the size. Ensuring the design and corresponding content display in a format that is consistent, easily digestible and clean for all mobile devices. 

If your website is dated and unresponsive on mobile, you’re going to leave a terrible first impression with potential customers. If the services you provide are any reflection of your website, why would they waste their time taking a risk? The answer – they probably won’t. It is essential to capture your audience from the very first moment you engage with them. Here are 7 reasons why its so important.

The mobile market continues to grow at an accelerated pace and there is no better time to consider building a modern, mobile responsive website to service your customers. We can work with you creating your own mobile responsive website no matter what your budget may be. Reach out for a Free Consultation today.

Find Out More

Interested in Maine Freelance Website Design and Website Management? If you’re in need of a new SEO powered website or need help managing your current website, send me a message any time. We can talk about your specific business needs and if our services are right for you. Consultations are always free of charge.